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Pork Candy is a delicious finger food for football season.  It is made from a pork butt cut into 1 “ cubes and slow smoked to sweetness & perfection.  It will melt in your mouth and have your guests convinced that you are the best BBQ cook on the block.

Glen & Amy of the 'Curly Bird' Competition BBQ Team will be teaching a class for us on making Pork Candy.The class starts promptly at 6:30PM on Thursday September 21, 2023.  Glen & Amy will teach us how to prepare and cook Pork Candy. We will have samples after the class that were cooked during the day.  There is a cost for this class to help cover the expense of putting on the event.  The cost is $85.00  We will provide the spices and rubs to do the recipe at home.  The value of this is approximately $40.00 and is included in the registration fee of $85.00. EVEN IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY SIGNED UP FOR THIS CLASS, PLEASE CALL US TO CONFIRM OR REGISTER.  Registration is first come first served.  If you are interested, please register soon as the class will be limited to 30 people. To register, call 316-734-8814.

Pork Candy By Curly Bird BBQ


Glenn & Ami’s dream of smoking great BBQ started shortly after they married.  Their first smoker was a self-built, modified propane grill.  It was clunky and didn’t hold smoke very well, but they learned big lessons on what it takes to make mouth-watering BBQ. 


Last year, Glenn and Ami started competing in KCBS & OKBS-sanctioned BBQ competitions and are currently ranked 9th in the world in the backyard division.


They dream of starting their own BBQ line of rubs and sauces.  You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and TikTok at Curly Bird or Curly Bird BBQ.

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